Gradient Cat Eye Tutorial


For this look all of the eyeshadows I mention below are from Urban Decay Naked Basics and Ammo Palettes. Check out my earlier blogs where I have reviewed all the shades from these pallets individually!!

Step 1& 2

After priming my eyes using Urban Decay’s primer potion I applied the shade Naked 2 all over my eye lid as a neutral base colour. And then I applied Sin on top which is a lovely silky pinkish shade.

003 008

Step 3

I used a loose eyeshadow in shade 24 Truffle from a small company called Neal’s Yard Remedies. This colour is a dark grey and so perfect for this look. I created a big wing on the outer corner of my eyes, and blended it in to half of my eye lid. I wanted to create a white to black gradient eye with this look, and so I only blended the truffle colour half way on the lid. This company is big on using organic products in most of their products which I like :).


Step 4

Using a black eye pencil and a black eye shadow Crave to darken the outer wing sides.



Step 5

I used a white shimmer shade called Polyester Bride to highlight the eye lid, under brows, the corners of the wings, and the inner eye corners. And applied the Katy Perry false eyelashes to finish.



Thanks for reading!

KirRay ❤


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