Lion Eye Makeup tutorial

Hey Guys!

So I am completely obsessed with lions, they are such beautiful and powerful animals and of course kings of the jungle. I’m especially in love with their eyes, and could stare at them forever, so here is my lion inspired eye look πŸ™‚

ImageStep 1

Using an intense black gel eye liner & an eye pencil I made a thick pointed outer wing, and outlined the rest of my eye.

ImageStep 2

I then made an inner eye wing using the same gel liner to mimic the shape of lion eyes.


ImageStep 3

Using my beloved bhCosmetics, and Urban Decay Ammo Palettes I mixed 2 brown shades and applied them to my eye lid. I made the outer crease of my eyes darker.


ImageStep 4

I then applied a white shimmer shade under my winged eye, and the top corner part of my eye. This is my favourite part of the look.


ImageImageStep 5

And finally, I glued on some fake eyelashes, and here is the final look! This is an intense and sexy look, I loved making these eyes!

ImageImageLuckily I naturally have a crazy lion mane to go with this look haha πŸ™‚

ImageHope you liked this, and are having great holidays!

KirRay ❀


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