Smokey Eyes

Hey Guys!

Here is a really easy Smokey eye look I’ve done, perfect for the holiday season 😉

Step 1

After prepping and priming my face. I used shade Naked 2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and blended it in to my eye crease, and just above it.

Also, for this look I like to arch my eyebrows abit more by using a dark brown eye pencil, just to add to the sexy-ness of this look!


Step 2

I blended in the colour Foxy from the Naked basics palette on to my eyelid. This gives a nice clear base to the eyelid. And I blended in the shade Sin from my Urban Decay Ammo Palette. This adds a nice shimmer in to the crease.


Step 3

I patted on the shade Oil Slick from my Ammo palette again on to the eyelid. This shade helps give the perfect Smokey look; the eyeshadow already has a really smokey texture to it, and blends in so easily. It also has a really nice shimmer to it.


Step 4

I added on some fake eyelashes, but only to the outer 1/3 of my eyes. I don’t use the whole fake eyelash, because they are always way too big for my eyes, and never seem to fit width-wise or length-wise! So I just cut them down to size and apply them to the outer part of my eyelash. And then just put on a volumising mascara.

Notice, I have added a small point shape using black gel eyeliner on the inner corner of my eye, this is inspired from Arab eye looks.

I have also used a black pencil eyeliner for water-lining and tight-lining my eyes to intensify the black look.


Step 5

I used the colour Crave from Naked basics – which is just an intense black eyeshadow, to line the lower eye.


Final look

I highlighted under my brow bone using the shade Venus from Naked Basics and highlighted the top of my cheeks!


Whenever doing Smokey eyes, I love contouring the face extra by bronzing under my cheekbones and wearing any nude lipstick/ gloss. Because of course, with dramatic eyes the rest of the face makeup should be kept simple to enhance the eyes more. You might also have to apply more concealer under the eyes after this as the black eyeshadow keeps falling while blending so much!

You just need to apply and keep blending in any black pencils, eyeshadows or gels you have to get a Smokey eye, and to intensify it more!!

I loved doing this look, and it was really easy to do!

Check out my last blogs on the Urban decay palettes used in this tutorial: and

KirRay ❤


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