Cleopatra Eye Makeup


After searching for some fancy eyes online, I found this amazing picture of Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra, and fell in love with these eyes and had to re-create the look! So here’s how I did my Cleopatra inspired eyes! šŸ™‚


Step 1

I thickened my eyebrows, using a black eye pencil, and also arched them more to make them look more like Cleopatra’s.


Step 2

Using the same eye pencil and a gel liner, I drew an outline of the extended wing shape, which carries on from the end of my eyebrow.


Step 3

Using a blue/grey shade from my favourite bhCosmetics Palette I filled in the whole area under my brow and new winged eye line.



Step 4

Using a shade called Maui Wowie from my Urban Decay Ammo Palette I coloured in my eyelid. This gives the slight gold sparkle you can see on Cleopatra above. And I used the colour Venus (from the Naked Basics Palette) to highlight the inner eye.


Step 5

I blended in a white shimmer shade from my bhcosmetics palette under my eyes and above my cheekbones to highlight that area. Also, I heavily contoured (using a bronzer) under the cheekbones, to make the eyes stand out more.


The Final Look



I loved doing these eyes, they are really different to normal everyday eyes, wish I could get away with wearing them daily – that would be fun!

KirRay ā¤


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