bhcosmetics 120 Color Palette – 4th Edition


So I recently bought this palette after searching for a big eyeshadow palette so I can create and test out new looks. Surprisingly, I found it so hard to find a palette with a wide selection of different colours. High-end brands typically have small eyeshadow palettes containing only 2-4 shades for 1 look.

I finally found out about bhcosmetics and how they have no less than 120 colours in just 1 palette! And so I checked on their website to choose the palette which contained the colours I wanted, and honestly every palette has so many colours that you can barely tell the difference between the different editions! And they are priced so reasonably too, the cheapest eyeshadows I have ever seen anywhere.


And I have to say I love this palette! I thought because it was so cheap, the quality of the product would be poor, however, the quality is just fine. The colours are all highly pigmented which I think is the most important factor when choosing eyeshadows. They are all really vibrant, bold colours, and they swatch on the skin just as they look on the palette. They have long lasting colour, it stays on for hours (I always put on a really good primer under all eyeshadows to make them last longer).

Whenever I’ve tried to re-create a look I can always find the exact match of colour or something really similar using just this palette alone. So especially for beginners this is an impressive palette. I bought it from Amazon for just £16!

Here are 3 looks I’ve done with this palette:

1. Emerald Green lid, with black winged outer eye, and white shimmer on the inner eye.


 2. Gold inner eye, and brown on the outer eye. Same on the under eye line.


3. Dark navy blue winged outer eye, yellow on the lid and white shimmer on the inner corner.




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