bareMinerals Lipgloss Review

Hey Guys,

I’m back for a quick review on the bareMineral lipglosses I own. I have had their lipsticks in the past too, which I really liked, but have run out of them :(. So will have to stick to reviewing the 2 lipglosses I have left for now.

So the first one I have is the Buxom lipgloss in shade Brandi, which is like a deep plum colour.  I’ve had this lipgloss for a while now, and still have some left! The full-size gloss is huge.  I love the Buxom range of glosses, especially because they contain something that gives a tingling sensation on the lips when applied that makes your lips feel and look bigger. I’ve never tried any other lipgloss with this effect, and everyone wants bigger, fuller looking lips. So it’s a great gloss. Although a sheer lipgloss, the colour payoff is great. It’s got a really nice scent too.


There are swatches on the main bareMineral website you can check out:,default,pd.html

The second one I have is in the range called “pretty amazing” and I have the shade Allure, which is a peachy colour. This is probably my favourite product from the bareMinerals lip stuff, mainly because of how rich the colour is for a lipgloss. I love how it has a really thick consistency and feels like you are painting you lips. It’s more like melted lipstick than just a lipgloss. This nicely conceals as well as locks in loads of colour on your lips.


I’ll buy more bareMineral lip stuff and review it soon.

Thanks for reading this, hope it was helpful 🙂

KirRay ❤


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