bareMinerals Makeup Review


My Bare Minerals collection!

I went through a phase about 5 years ago where I obsessed over eating healthy food without any artificial preservatives, flavors and colours. To me, it just made sense not to put unknown chemicals in to my body. Thanks to the existence of Reese’s peanut butter cups, that great diet didn’t last :-/ But around the same time I heard about bareMinerals! It is advertised as “make-up so pure you can sleep in it” and it’s “made with 100% pure minerals”. So erm, yeah I had to try this out… anddd I loved it, and have been a huge fan since! So here’s my review of all the tried and tested BM products I own. I bought some of these products separately and the others in a set.


026 Brightening Primer – Prime Time

With liquid foundations primer isn’t always needed, but with mineral foundations, I think primer really helps to prep the skin for a more even consistency.


Matte Foundation – Medium Beige N20

This is one of my favourite foundations ever. Having never tried powder mineral foundation before, I thought it would be really drying on the skin. Instead, once applied on to the skin it feels and looks so soft and smooth. Not drying at all. And it gives great coverage too. I only have to use a small amount of product to get that, when blended in to the skin.


All Over Face color- Warmth

I love this all over face mineral, I use it for contouring under my cheekbones and jaw line. You can blend it in with your foundation to better match your skin tone if needed, either way it gives an amazing glow.


READY Compact Blush – The Aphrodisiac

My daily blush, it has a lovely peach undertone.


Mineral Veil

I use the mineral veil as a setting powder, I blend it over the rest of the makeup. Again you only have to use a small amount, and the makeup stays put the whole day, and looks flawless with this. It adds to the soft, velvety feel of the makeup too. It’s a light translucent powder so doesn’t weaken the makeup underneath at all.


Blush – True

This is a loose blush, I bought it because it has specs of shimmer in it. Not for everyday use, but looks great on a night out.


bareMineral Face Brushes

I got all of these brushes in a bareMinerals Starter kit. All 3 brushes are really good quality and work really well, I use them in different ways:

1. Full coverage kabuki brush – I use it for applying the foundation and mineral veil. This is the brush to use for blending and buffing the minerals in to your skin, you can pick up most product with it. 2. Max coverage concealer brush – this is great for covering up spots and redness. 3. Flawless face brush – I use it for contouring.

I love the build-ability of this makeup you can use as a little or as much as you want depending on how much coverage you need. It’s so easy to mix and blend between the different minerals too, so you can get the perfect colour match, which is great for uneven skin tone especially. And it leaves you with a natural looking, perfect complexion – no cakey problems here. It’s so easy to wear, I forget I have it on sometimes… And yup you can sleep in it, I have tried it – no breakouts!

As you can tell, I love me some bareMinerals makeup 🙂

I’ll link my bareMinerals lip review link here soon…

KirRay ❤


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