Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer – Product Review

Hey Guys!

I’m going to review this new under eye concealer from Maybelline. I bought it instore for £8. I hate having dark under eyes! and always seem to have them so am always looking for ways to lighten them up. I tried this one and really liked it in comparison to other drugstore concealers I’ve tried, and it is new, so here’s a quick review on it.

I really like the round sponge applicator bit on the top of the tube. And you basically have to twist the round top of the tube to inject concealer in to the sponge before applying straight on your eyes. I used my finger to spread it on. I always find it easier to use my fingers to apply concealer.

013 012 011

There are only 2 colours to choose from – nude and medium, so I picked nude, because it matched my skin tone best.

Before concealer (and no other makeup), dark eyes 😦


After concealer, 2 coats later – brighter under eyes 🙂


After concealer, with eyeliner on too:


I did apply it all over my eye, but you can mainly see a nice difference on the under eye before and after. It’s definitely more noticeable off camera.

I find some under eye concealers to be really dry when you put them on, but this one is not dry at all. So I like this, let me know if you’ve tried it too and what you thought!

KirRay ❤


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