Hey Guys!

Just wanted to do a quick blog on skydiving, as so many people want to try this out, here’s my pics and thoughts of the experience.

I went with a really popular company called Skydive Australia and did a 14,000ft jump over Mission beach, and it overlooks the Great Barrier Reef. Which you can just barely even see in the ocean, because it all happens too quickly!

Before doing this jump, I had always wanted to do it, and I actually always thought it wouldn’t be that scary. I thought this mainly because whenever people do it they always have a massive smile across their face in photos. So I knew it would just be plain exciting and fun – which is exactly what it turned out to be!

So if you want to do one, I’d recommend go ahead and do it. The only negatives about them are how expensive they are – something to do with massive insurance costs, and the cost of buying photos or videos of your jump. I paid around $100aus just for the photos alone!

And Skydives happen really quickly, the whole jump takes a minute max. And honestly I have found theme park rollercoaster’s a whole lot scarier than jumping out of a plane, because forces balance you out when freefalling, but theme park rides are designed to be thrilling, and scary. Which is why you scream on rides and smile while skydiving! 😉

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageKirRay ❤


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