The Best Travel Websites

Here are some of my favourite websites I like to use before travelling. These websites make booking everything easier and cuts down research time.

To book flights – is the best place to search for the cheapest priced flights. This website searches and compares everywhere online and finds you the best prices. After searching on Skyscanner always book directly on the airline website itself to avoid paying agent fees.

For hotel and flight packages and – are the 2 best sites. Especially for booking short breaks. Again both of these sites search and compare everywhere online and give the best prices. And both of these sites have ratings and reviews given by people that have actually stayed in the hotels, so they are honest views.

For travel insurance –, and, always search by using price comparison websites just like when finding car insurance. These search all the companies offering travel insurance and again will always give you the best priced quotes. It’s best to compare using all 3 of these comparison websites because sometimes they don’t always compare the same companies. So check all 3 for the cheapest, saves you from checking each insurance company separately!

Hope this is helpful!

KirRay ❤


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