Australia Continued… Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is a great town to visit as a tourist, again really popular with travellers & backpackers. Remember this place is best known for its tropical climate, which means most of the year it is raining and humid. The positive is when down the coast it is the winter season (months May – October) it is mostly rain-free and still hot in Cairns- temperatures around 27C when I was there.

ImageThe best part of this place is it is one of the many gateways to the Great Barrier Reef – you CANNOT leave Australia without coming here! Lots of companies run day trips, to visit the world’s largest coral reef. Since scuba diving & snorkelling here I have been obsessed with diving! I had no idea that the underworld is just so magical and mesmerising! Being the Great Barrier Reef, the colours of the coral are just to die for!

ImageTip: Hire a professional underwater camera if you don’t own one, low range price cameras don’t have good enough quality often. There are camera hire shops all over the town.

ImageLife complete – We found NEMO! AND he was really shy, he kept going back in to the reef and hiding. The cutest thing EVER!!!



ImageTip: If you want to get scuba diver certified, like open water certified – which seems to be really popular, it is much cheaper to fly across to anywhere in Asia (Thailand, Indonesia etc or Fiji to get qualified instead of staying in Australia and doing so. Australia likes to charge double the price for these courses so hold off if you can!

KirRay ❤


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