The Instagrammed city – Venice

Hey Guys!

Here’s my blog about my holiday in Venice in April 2012 for a week.

First off this city is seriously visually exciting. It is exactly how you would’ve seen advertised on holiday magazines. Stunning. The first thing you notice is this place really needs #nofilter on Instagram, because it’s naturally filtered itself anyway.

How is it like this?

Well the strong sunlight in the summer hitting against the colourful pretty venetian buildings make it look magically picture perfect constantly all over.


Tip: go in the summer, if you don’t want to have to apply photo filters. Highly recommended.

Venice is full of the cutest little cafes so we spent almost every day sipping on the best tasting, strongest cappuccinos all day. Being Italy, Venice has the best restaurants too.

Though really expensive, you have to take a gondola ride, because it is Venice after all. You might be surprised just how tiny this city is, you can stroll all around it in a couple of hours.


 Venice makes for a dreamy little, relaxing vacay. I’ll be back you pretty thing.


KirRay ❤


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