The Exquisite Dubai

Hey Guys,

Here’s my blog for when I went to Dubai in March 2008 for a short trip.

My first impressions of this place were it looked really fancy and glamorous as you would expect.


Although Dubai is a man made city, it’s impressive to see how amazing buildings have been made. And I’m not usually in to architecture, but this is awesome. Every building looks like it has been made to out-compete the one next to it.


We went on a desert safari trip which is common with tourists. It is the main way to see the real dessert here. The best part of it was the 4×4 sand dune adventure where they crash the 4×4 cars in to the sand dunes.


Dubai is probably the cleanest city I’ve ever seen; the sea is crystal clear and beautiful.

It is easily the best place in the world for shopping to me, I’d recommend going to the Emirates Mall to shop in style.

We went to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi too, which are really nearby to Dubai. It was well worth going to see these places. I recommend going to them. You get to see the more traditional, cultural UAE, which is very different to the glitz of Dubai. Way less crowded too.

Tip: taxis are expensive here. I would use the buses which run really well, and are way cheaper. Crazy traffic is unavoidable in Dubai either way.

Another really fun day out here is going to the Wild Wadi Water Park, located next to the exquisite Burj Al Arab hotel. The water park is serious fun for all ages.

Dubai is all glam and great fun!


KirRay ❤


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