Vegas Baby!!

Hey Guys,

So this is the final part of me blogging about travelling in the US.

We flew from San Diego to Vegas. Vegas is pretty much what you expect it to be like, and is really how shown in films. It is an adult’s theme-park. I was at first pretty surprised at seeing so many families there with kids, knowing how crazy it is. But with so many family shows on it kinda makes sense. Nights out in Vegas are incomparable to anywhere else and just wild. Vegas really is a place that never sleeps.


Tips: It’s really easy to get vouchers to get discounts on show tickets and club entrance fees and food and drinks. There are lots of promoters all around that like to give away these vouchers. This place can work out as a really cheap holiday.

We went to the Grand Canyon. This place is worth a visit during the day when little goes on in Vegas, but personally nothing mind-blowing for me, rocks aren’t my thing. It’s pretty scary when taking photos, because you want to take them really close to the edge, but the canyon is miles deep! So you don’t want to fall down there. Seeing the red desert and nothing else for miles during the journey driving there is pretty amazing.

Tip: we went to the Grand Canyon as part of tour trip, which are sold everywhere in Vegas. But the best way to go is by hiring your own car and driving yourself. It is a 2/3 hour drive but way better than being stuck in a coach taking 5 hours instead! Oh and listening to a tour guide go on and on…and it works out cheaper too.


The second place to check out for a day trip is Death Valley. This time we drove down ourselves, this place is closer to the Vegas strip, maybe an hour long drive max. I personally preferred Death Valley over the Grand Canyon, though also just rocks, the view is pretty special here.



KirRay ❤


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