USA west coast – San Fancisco

In this blog I’m talking about travelling down the West coast of the US. I spent 1 month travelling in October 2012. But I’ll focus on San Francisco here.

We flew from London Heathrow to San Francisco. I didn’t know too much about San Fran before arriving but had no idea how cold and windy this place really gets already in October. Especially as I thought I was escaping the horrible UK weather – I was wrong. The weather in San Fran is honestly not too different from UK at this time.

ImageOk so what really makes this place a massive tourist spot is the really cool steep windy roads and the fun cable cars. I don’t know how anyone passes their driving test here the roads are that crazy! The famous Golden Gate Bridge pretty much defines this place and because it’s usually hidden under thick fog and clouds it makes the city look magical.


ImageTip: If you only had one day to spend here the best way you could you could spend it is by hiring a bike from any of the bike hire shops at Fishermans Wharf for under $10 each and cycle through town and go across the Golden Gate Bridge. You don’t even realise you’ve cycled for 20 miles from start to end, because the views are spectacular. The route is clearly marked all over road signs, and you can take a map from the bike hire shops. There is an adorable little town called Sausalito to visit on the other side of the bridge, and you can catch a Ferry back to the wharf.




ImageAnother thing you have to do when in San Fran is to take a tour to the legendary prison Alcatraz. It’s on an island of its own, so part of the tour takes you by boat to the island and shows you around the prison. I’ve never seen the insides of any prison before, and hearing about these famous ex-prisoners was really cool.




ImageTip: As with all other trips, tours and entrance fees buy them all online. There are plenty of street sellers trying to make commission from tourists all the time, and San Fran is no different! The price will be cheapest online.

A place I’d recommend to eat is the Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe at Fisherman’s Wharf. San Fran is famous for its sourdough bread, and here you can eat soup from a bowl shaped sourdough bread. It’s delish… Mmmmm.



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