Hopping borders to Mexico

Hey Guys!

Here’s what happens in San Diego.


So after leaving LA, we travelled down to San Diego by train. Amtrak is the main train company to use in the US.

Though only about 2 hours away by train, San Diego has a completly different feel from LA, more relaxed mainly.

We only spent a couple of days in this city and on one of them we went to the San Diego Zoo, which is worth going to. Old town San Diego is like a living museum with olden time coffee, cigar shops and bars etc. Again this is worth a visit.




Mission beach is (the main beach here) great for surfing. Be careful of the seaweed getting stuck on you surf board though. The sea here is full of seaweed for some reason!

The best part of San Diego for me was being able to cross the border so easily and stepping in to Mexico in less than half an hour! We found out we could do this easily by using the San Diego Trolley (which is like a train/ bus), and we came in to Tijuana Mexico. This is the bordering Mexican city to San Diego. Americans are warned (and told us) to be careful here, because of drug trafficking problems across the border, and theft etc. Remember it is the real, rough and poor side of Mexico.

Tijuana is crazy, but real fun, we spent half a day here but it’s honestly long enough. You can find the best burritos ever here. And if you know a little Spanish, you can bargain down prices of clothes, gifts etc.


Tip: Don’t take loads of stuff with you, especially expensive jewellery – as a tourist it probably will get robbed. Oh, and don’t forget to take your passport, its like being at an airport at the border.


The extreme culture difference between San Diego and Tijuana and time to get between them is like stepping through the wardrobe in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

It’s a must do if you go to San Diego!


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