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In this blog, I’m talking about my trip down under to Ozland. I started in Sydney and travelled for 3 months (April – August 2013) up the East Coast, as far up as Cairns. Why the East Coast? Because this is the side all the main cities are located, and where it all seems to be happening! I mentioned in the “About” part of this blog that I have visited countries without any plans of where to go before leaving home, and this is one of them. I landed in Sydney without any plans of where to go next, so I made up the itinerary as I went along!

So, the main cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have everything going for them, all types of restaurants, every shop you would want from high street through to high end designers and amazing nightlife. I think that major cities in most countries are pretty much the same, so I’m going to focus on the parts of this trip that would set Australia apart from other places you might travel.

ImageAustralia is obviously a massive country with lots of raw natural beauty happening all over. All of the major coastal towns mean if you have spent your life deprived of water sport fun like me, you are now released in to surfing/ scuba diving/ snorkelling wonderland. Here are some random pics going up the coast.


ImageYou can go surfing in any close by beach, and you can hire surf boards for cheap in many shops on the waterfront.

Tip: There are quite a few surf schools around if you want to learn to surf. Don’t forget to shop around for the best prices. Don’t go for the first one you hear of, which is exactly what I did, and found it to be one of the most expensive ones! I suggest booking lessons alone instead of going to a camp, unless you really love the rough camp life! I stayed at a camp for 5 days it was an 8 hour drive north of Sydney. It was literally in the middle of nowhere, and the accommodation was terrible!



Ok so finally moving on to the best part of my travels in Australia, seeing a bunch of waterfalls! I had literally never seen a waterfall my entire life, so seeing one of the best – Milla Milla falls on the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland was just surreal. This waterfall is famous for being in the Herbal Essence shampoo commercial. Really close by is another unmissable waterfall called the Dinner falls. Within the same area is the daddy of all 3 falls – the spectacular Josephine falls, my favourite. This is serious fun because of a natural rock slide part.

ImageJosephine Falls

ImageDinner Falls

ImageMilla Milla Falls

Tip: Because all of these Falls are part of national parks, there are companies that sell tours to visit all of the Falls and the surrounding parks, however it is so much cheaper hiring a car/ campervan and go see all this for free! They are all a short drive away from each other.

Australia is tons of fun, but as backpackers especially from all over Europe go because of the year long work and travel visa which you can easily apply for if under 30, be warned, Australia is not a cheap place to travel. Food prices all over the country are really high and living costs in the main cities is high too! Loads of backpackers/ travellers I met were broke, and as jobs aren’t even as easy to get especially in the cities as you might expect- most of those people were turning to farm labour work as the last resort!

Check out my Australia continued post about the Great Barrier Reef!

KirRay ❤


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